Famous Dex – Spaulding

Famous Dex – Spaulding Mp3 Download

Famous Dex – Spaulding

download Famous Dex – Spaulding mp3

Famous Dex’s eyes dilate more than once during “Spaulding” but that’s as Spaulding it gets during the video shoot. Yes standard fare is being offered and I don’t blame you if you were expecting something left of center. The World Star Premiere puts into focus a rapper with more on his mind than bickering.

“Spaulding” is however an apt title if you consider the soundscape Dexter navigates on his more daring tracks. The Rich Forever member makes music you can flex too, the repetition of synth loops creates an atmosphere of hyperactivity even at a slower measurement of tempo. Fans of this frequency don’t have far to look for new material.

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Famous Dex – Spaulding Download


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