Jay Critch ft Rich The Kid – Oh Wow

Jay Critch ft Rich The Kid – Oh Wow Mp3 Download

“Oh Wow” is a new single released by this two american sick head duo Jay Critch and Rich The Kid, this single is a long anticipated one by the fans and now that it has been released it brings joy to the hearts of the fans.

notable lyrics from Jay Critch ft Rich The Kid – Oh Wow

(feat. Rich The Kid)

[Rich The Kid:]
New level, ya dig
Elevation way, the money way
(TheLabCook)New six, broke wrist
I put the racks in the mattress
Niggas fake, let ’em have it
Pull out the chopper and do magic
She want a purse
She want a Birken
Fuck her, she squirting
Countin’ racks in the back of suburban
Rich Forever get the cheddar
Two bitches, got ’em kissing together
Thick bitch, let it drip on the leather
She wanna fuck with a boss
Maserati, we was chopping it off
Switcharoo, fuck her, passing her off
Now I’m rich but I took a loss
Bought that bitch Gucci, breaking her off

download and stream below https://hipxup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Jay_CritchRich_The_Kid_-_Oh_Wow.mp3 download Jay Critch ft Rich The Kid – Oh Wow


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