Maceo – Persona Ft Future

Maceo – Persona Ft Future Mp3 Download

Maceo – Persona Ft Future

Titled Ellum Black, its first release will be the ‘Mutant 2’ EP by Maceo and is due for release on July 27. Featuring two deep and dark club cuts, he also collaborates with Texas-based duo Paradigm Shift on the first track, “Persona” is one of their newer collaborations, being uploaded to Future’s YouTube pages in order to hype up Maceo’s latest effort a little more.

Maceo Plex is with you. His Mutant EP series explores what he sees as a deeper, more intellectual side of the understated genre. He kicked off the sonic exploration with Mutant 1, released on his friend Jennifer Cardini’s label Correspondant in May. Now, he continues the journey with a two-track EP called Mutant 2, but this time, he’s releasing on his own new label.

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