Papoose – In My Feelings (Remix)

Papoose – In My Feelings (Remix) Mp3 Download

Papoose – In My Feelings (Remix)

50 Cent has taken to meme culture with a villain’s gleeful disposition. His ability to hit foes with cheap shots and internet-friendly humor has made him a formidable foe for all comers. Yet that hasn’t stopped many from exchanging shots, despite 50’s perceived home-field advantage. Last night, Fif ruffled Papoose’s feather when he complimented Remy Ma, leading Papoose to feel some type of way.

Papoose’s new remix to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” and also Papoose has been all over the news these past couple days, but not for his music but rather his ongoing feud with 50 Cent. The two NYC rappers have exchanged a serious of jabs & shots at one another on Instagram over the defense of Remy’s new skinny-looking image.

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