Queen Key – Project Bitch

Queen Key – Project Bitch Mp3 Download

Queen Key – Project Bitch

download Queen Key – Project Bitch mp3

Queen Key officially release new single called “Project Bitch” and also last few years later, she was rapping as her first alias, Baby Niko, whose origin she shrieks with laughter describing. “My momma had a friend named Miko. She didn’t have no kids, and she had raw-ass sunglasses. So I think I ended up thinking her name was Niko…” Queen explains, trailing off into hysteria.

She’d become Queen Key by 2015, around the same time she started taking rap seriously as a career path. “I started calling myself Queen in high school, but then I thought, it can’t just be plain Queen, ‘cause I think that’s a band or something?” she remembers, sparking her second blunt of the afternoon.

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Queen Key – Project Bitch Download


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