slowthai – Call My Own

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slowthai Call My Own

North American listeners have been slow to come around, but perhaps “Call My Own” is just the song to break new grounds for UK rapper slowthai. Our consumers don’t have a taste for the grime stencil. In all honesty, slowthai’s music sits somewhere in between grime and conventional rap, in a relative border state. On Friday his fans were treated to his 2nd ever EP, the appropriately named RUNT.

Sadly, there’s a general apprehension towards UK culture in America, unless it’s being abridged or mutated by the vested interest of someone like Drake. In spite of this seclusion, I implore you to hear “Calll My Own” with an open mind. “Call My Own” doesn’t hinge on the “interested parties” clearing a path. The bone-chilling piano is reminiscent of how RZA engineered his grim production style in the 90s. Except in this instance, the sample base is an empty cartridge. You wouldn’t bet against RZA would you?

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