$uicideboy$ – F**K The Industry

$uicideboy$ – F**K The Industry Mp3 Download

$uicideboy$ F**K The Industry

Not to be confused with Solange’s song of the same name, “FK The Industry” is quintessential $uicideboy$. The lyrics are, as most $uicideboys$ songs tend to be, about satan, coming back from the dead, cigarettes and getting high. But in this song, the boys are tired of being pigeonholed as the weird satan guys, so they fire back and make sure we know they’re serious in the first line: “Back from the dead like I’m Jesus/Skip to the next track if you think that we are facetious.”

Skipping would be a poor choice, because not only would you miss a pretty good (although creepy) song, you’d miss a eulogy to the $uicideboy$ at the end if the track. The song comes off the $uicideboy$ newest album, I Want To Die In New Orleans, in which the duo returns to New Orleans to die, after touring the world and getting tired of it all.

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