Wanna One – Light

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Wanna One – Light

download Wanna One – Light mp3

Wanna One officially suprise us by dropping their awaited 1÷x=1 UNDIVIDED and here is conclusion part of the project Wanna One’ release new single Tittle (워너원) – ‘켜줘 (Light)’ following up with Music Video and also Wanna One’s concert on June 2, Hwang Min Hyun shocked fans with a shirtless solo performance that wasn’t revealed during the previous day’s concert.

He shared during Wanna One’s press conference on June 3, “To show a different side of myself at this concert, I started working out three months ago and managed my diet. I secretly prepared without telling.

Hwang Min Hyun also explained why his solo performance didn’t happen during the first day of the concert. “The blindfold for the performance didn’t come out as expected, so I was worried that I would make a mistake. I feel so apologetic, but I was unable to do the performance because I didn’t have confidence.

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