Buzz of the Moment, Tstv Africa-Overview and analysis TSTV NIGERIA

Buzz of the Moment, Tstv Africa-Overview and analysis TSTV NIGERIA

Buzz of the Moment, Tstv Africa-Overview and analysis TSTV NIGERIA With technology and science, virtually anything is possible(except maybe creating a human and breathing life into it like you and me). By contrast, in business, not every project is feasible and that is why a feasibility study is a paramount factor in business. I will answer many technically probing questions about tstv Africa in this article. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.
 A brief overview of the “buzzing tstv africa” Nigeria limited

You and I know too well that the reasons why there is so many noise about TSTV is because of sports. When i talk of sports, we talk of soccer and as far as Nigeria is concern, we are addicted to English premier league. TSTV has on their channels list, 14 sports channels some of which are household names like Bein(We will get back to this)

Tstv Africa is a satellite tv company owned by telecom satellite tv Nigeria Ltd. For the record, this is not the firt time they will be announcing a launch. they announced the launching as far back as May which did not materialise then. I guess they are waiting for the big k!ll. There are so many conflicting and contradicting stories about them which promot me to get my information directly from their website.  Now let me break this into sub-headings for clarification purpose.

but the buzzing TSTV Africa
TSTV africa which i think means(telecom satellite tv) Is claim to launch commercially across Nigeria on the first of October, 2017. From their mission statement on their about page, the will be offering satellite tv services as well as a complimentary internet service on your selected subscription. Also, it is said that they will offer the ability to pause your subscription for 7 days in a month. There are other value-added services like Video calls and inbuilt 500GB hard drive inside our STBs for content storage, Video on Demand services and so on.
    They have on their package channels cut across various genres: News, Music, General entertainment, Documentary, Movies, Kids, Religious, Events, Sports, Health, Fashion, and Lifestyle channels. And a direct extraction from their websites reads thus

Our vision is to provide premium video experience to Nigerians at affordable prices.  Our services will enable the viewers to experience HD and SD video and internet surfing at the same time. We are the first indigenous local operator in the region to launch such a premium platform with a variety of services to Nigerians, who have been so far paying exorbitant prices to foreign operators.”

Further details about the buzzing tstv africa

Where is the corporate head office located?: Their corporate head office is at the address below:

Address: Plot 1191 Gilmor Layout
by Jahi-Katampe bridge,
Jahi, Abuja, Nigeria

On which position will they be broadcasting from? There is a rumour already making rounds that they are on ABS3 @3.0W. However, they have disclaimed this rumour on their social media handles. Currently, no one knows the position from where they will be broadcasting. This is strange because it simply means there is no test transmission. It is 5 days to go anyway. To support this, when I clicked on the page linking to how to use TSTV on their website, what I saw is a “will be updated soon” message

Where can we view the full channels list? Of course, there is a link to buzzing tstv Africa all their channels on their website. I also have a screen grab of all the sports channels there are to show. In total, they have about 63 channels that cut across all genres. 14 of this are sports channels

How would their decoder/ set box look like and what is the price of their subscription?

Although we have different designs of how their decoder will look like. However, I got the one am to upload below directly from their website.

Also, the price of the decoder and the necessary accessories will be #5000. On the other hand, they have their subscriptions in the following rates: #200, #1,500… #3000(which is the maximum and valid for 30 days)

The buzzing tstv africa mode of operation

They asserted that they will offer both satellite tv experience as well as internet subscription. The data volume will depend on the subscription you choose. 20gb will be the highest data allocation and the internet service will not be charged separately as it is complimentary. Channels will be in HD and SD. You can contact their support here or view their frequently asked questions on this page

What about their footprint?

For now, they will be sold only in Nigeria. Logically, they should have most countries in Africa as their footprint. If they are for real, they will bestride the whole of Africa like a colossus in no distant time.

What about their tracking parameters/credentials?

There is no position yet. Therefore, we can’t have frequencies, polarity or symbol rates at this time.

Where can I buy from and from whom can I get further details

They already have many dealers. Most of which are in Lagos. You can check out their dealers from this page. Also, their official website is you can get more information from their support staff.

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