Buzz of the Moment, Tstv Africa-Overview and analysis TSTV NIGERIA

Questions that are begging for answers about the buzzing TSTV Africa Nigeria limited

We are wonderful, smart and intelligent in Africa. We are beautiful people. the questions I will be asking below will be more than enough to lay to rest any area of doubts you might be having

  1. Will they actually launch on the 1st of October?: Probably yes. they already have one postponement too many.
  2. Is it scientifically possible for them to implement all that they promise?: I am a technology enthusiast. I know all they plan to do is possible from the technological angle. However, the question that I can’t answer now is if they are allowed to do them under the law.
  3. Where can I get their channels and when will their test transmission commence? I do not have an answer to this. Even on their site, what I saw there is “will be updated soon”. The issue of lack of test transmission is baffling though. We don’t get to see what we will be paying for. I believe we should have their tracking parameters by now.
  4. How are we sure that they will give us all the sports channels listed on their website? Well, this I cannot answer. I choose to be neutral about this. However, we have no TSTV dedicated channels on their sports list. Who knows, they might have signed a pact with bein media group owners of bein sports. To me, I will wait and see what happens
  5. What about their data how real is it?: By my honours, if the can pull this off, I will be their fan for life. In fact, let them give me the satellite internet without any channels 20gb for #3,000 and I will be okay. To get a 20gb in Nigeria you need to spend between 8000 to 10,000ngn.
  6. DSTV offers full sports channels for close to #15,000 how come tstv wants to offer same for #3,000 does it means DStv is even more wicked and greedy than we can ever imagine?

    The answer to this question is tricky. Let me take the defunct HITV as an example. HITV came and show sports for like 9000 while Dstv was showing it for #11,000 back in the day. This is a difference of #2000. A cut from #15,000 to 3000 is ridiculously huge. Time will tell never say never but we are waiting to see. On a second look at it, DStv maybe as greedy as MTN Nigeria before Globacom came to save us by introducing per-second billing. There is a twist here though. There was only a change in technique by glo. No huge price slash which is more than 100%

  7. Will this be sustainable?: I cant say really. Let us wait for it to materialise first
  8. What about the issue of broadcast rights?: Does it mean DStv has lost the sub-Sahara EPL rights to them: As far as I know, kwese, canal and supersports have the rights to broadcast epl in Africa. Who knows, maybe the list has been updated to include TSTV or tstv is in a merger with some other sports channels providers. Learn more about current EPL rights holder here
  9. We have so many news on the internet about this buzzing tstv africa, which should we believe? Only go with what you can get on their website or social media handles.
  10. Is TSTV Africa then a scam? Of course not. Imean to the best of my knowledge, there is no indication that they are. The company has a license to operate as a business unit(not talking about broadcast right). The scope and limits of their operations are what is yet to be verified. October 1st will surely answer most questions
  11. What about the possibility of them not fulfilling all of their promises?: If you are a true Nigerian, you should know that anything can happen. For crying out loud, our leaders don’t fulfil their promises this shouldn’t be difficult for us to shake off and move on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they won’t fulfil all their promises

Lemmy Morgan’s advice to his followers on TSTV Africa Nigeria limited

Conclusively, I will leave you with a very sound and unbiased advice. In fact, I solemnly swear to tell “the truth”. Please don’t ask me to tell you “nothing but the truth”. I can’t even tell “the whole truth”. In Nigeria, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is a sin. I will only tell you the truth based on my experience.


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