Sports 24 HD off on oscam even as Tstv Africa commences test transmission on ABS3

Sports 24 HD off on oscam even as Tstv Africa commences test transmission on ABS3
Sports 24 HD off on oscam even as Tstv Africa commences test transmission on ABS3 You will agree with me that is this a mixed news. We have a bad news(Sport 24 HD) side by side Sports 24 HD off on oscam even as Tstv Africa commences test transmission on ABS3 with a good one(those anticipating the broadcast of tstv). Today’s information will address the sport 24 HD & tstv Africa channels update issues. Yesterday the 6th of October, 2017 sport 24 went off on all decoders.

Unlike the previous security patch by sport24 HD, the current one is a bit tricky. As at the time of writing this post, sport 24 HD emulator 2.7 is still very much alive. However, what is currently offline is “emulator’s oscam variant” for clarification purposes, “Oscam” is what decoder manufacturers utilise on their boxes. They modify and port the original emulator into their respective device’s software. This tweak enables the decoder to run the emulator and by extension, you can enjoy the channels.

It is left to be seen how events play out as the hacker credited for the H@ck has no issue with his invention so to speak. However, we think the respective powervu decoder manufacturers should be able to workaround this latest patch by sport 24 HD.  I mean sport 24 HD is only off on oscam and not on the computer via DVB / PCI card. As a reminder, the solution was discovered on a computer software via DVB cards and readers

The question now is that won’t this prompt another software release? Secondly, how long will this continue? Also, won’t this further discourage the release of software for older decoders? And finally, I pity mostly those who own a tigerstar 3000 Android decoder because they will have to be downloading a file not lesser than 287mb anytime there is a new software.

Summarily, let keep the hope alive.

sport 24 HD & tstv Africa channels update tstv Africa commences test transmission on ABS3

In the later hours of yesterday, TSTV Africa started adding channels on their position on ABS 3A @  3.0° West. Interestingly they added at least four sports channels which include bein HD1. It is still too early to conclude on anything but at least, this is one huge step in the right direction. No details of any commencement of sales of their decoders yets, No vacant opportunities were officially announced by TSTV as being circulated by some mischief makers.

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Tracking credentials/parameters for TSTV Africa on ABS 3A @  3° West

Before I conclude today’s post on sport 24 HD & tstv Africa channels update, let me give you some tips on how to track it.

  • Tstv is on ABS 3a which is strategically positioned in such a manner that it is easy to track even by a novice. Also, you can use the smallest dish possible for tracking tstv Africa. Another interesting statement of fact is that you can use a 1-meter dish to get MBC channels on Nilesat 7w a well as Tstv Africa channels on ABS3A 3W. You need a multiple LNB holder for this.
  • TSTV AFRICA Satellite position: Tstv Africa is currently on ABS 3A at  3.0° West
  • Dish size: You need an offset dish of 60cm or higher to get this. The standard DStv dish is 90cm
  • Tstv Africa’s Tp / Frequency: 11052
    Symbol Rate: 30000
    Polarity*: Horizontal (H)
    LNB Position: 4 ‘O’ Clock you can learn more about LNB skew here
Which channels are currently live of Tstv Africa?
 Hits TV
Aljazeera- News
BBC World News- News
Fox Sports 2 – sports
BeiN Sports HD1-obviously sports
Liberty TV- entertainment
Dish Channel- Their dish info channel
Mama Africa Movies
Grand Movies
Rewendu Tv


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