Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play

Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play

Everyone loves to do adventure but gamers love to adventure on their gadgets. Whether it’s Xbox, PlayStation, PC or a mobile, we just want to explore the world that actually doesn’t exist. We learn many things from that “non-existing” adventure, but still, there is a huge adventure hidden in every turn. We are here with some of the best top 4 adventure games that you should play at once in your life. If you’re a gamer and wants to make your life more interesting and adventurous, you must try these games.

  1. Botanicula
Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play
Botanicula: An Unforgettable Journey

It will cost you $4.99 to download it from Google Play but truly speaking, it is worth it if you really want to have a game with great adventure hidden in it. Interestingly, this game is actually developed by Google and you can nowmake an estimate about the amazingness of this game. It’s actually a puzzle solving the game and you play as a robot and solve multiple puzzles and do the task that you like the most, save your girlfriend! That’s what you’re gonna do in this game. Overall the gameplay is great and interesting.

2. Ace Attorney Games

Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play
Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice

Unusually, it costs you some bucks to download from Google Play. It costs you $15.99 to $19.99. It is also a puzzle adventure game that deals with an attorney. You play as an attorney and your goal is to give your client a “win” title through the court system. It’s really hilarious and interesting but it’s costly as well. Now, it depends on your choice, whether you want to try it or not.

3. Crashlands

Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play

You pay $4.99 to download it which is quite a reasonable price. Crashlands deals with a ‘robotic alien’ Flux. You’re stuck in the middle of a planet of aliens, and your job is to make a defendable base and fight back with a group of some bad guys to make you survival. At the end, you defend the whole world. It also contains many interesting modes like RPG, leveling up, crafting combat and many other. It’s a true adventure actually.

4. Dead Effect 2

Top 4 Android Adventure Games You Should Play
Dead Effect 2

The Dead Effect is free to download from Google Play but it contains some in-app purchases. The graphics and gameplay of Dead Effect 2 are extremely awesome. It contains more than 20 hours of campaign mode. Despite this fact, it also provides you some extra hours for quests and other stuff like that. Overall the gameplay is highly appreciable and graphics are solid as well. It’s actually an FPS game in which you kill enemies and unlock many abilities, skills and some new gears as well. If you want to get an adventure, you must it once.

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