Top 4 Android Games With Best Storylines

Top 4 Android Games with best Storylines

When I was a kid, I used to play every game that I saw in the market. Later on, I realized that there are some games that like the most. I wasn’t able to specify the category that which type of games appeal to me. When I frequently played video games in my adulthood like IGI2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted, I concluded that the story of the game matters, not the feel of completing an entire game or accomplishing a mission. I started preferring games with best storylines and used to play only those games which had a better story inside it. Now, when there are android games, I still search for those games with best storylines. I’m gonna mention some of them most popular games with best storyline so that you can have a feeling an appealing story as well. So, let’s get started with the first best storyline app available on Google Play.

1. The Silent Age

Top 4 Android Games With Best Storylines
The Silent Age

Silent Age is free to play. However, there are some in-app purchases that you can purchase in order to unlock some of the premium features and some levels as well. I will literally not blow the cover of the story, you have to feel it by yourself. But for making some suspense, I would love to mention that mind-blowing puzzle games at different stages awaits you. You must try it once.

2. The Wolf Among Us

Top 4 Android Games With Best Storylines
The Wolf Among Us

This filmic game starts with some scenes with some sounds and characters which means that this game is gonna take some serious space of your device. This 0.5GB of game contains one of the best story among the other apps available online. You must try it as well.

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3. Hyper Rift

Top 4 Android Games With Best Storylines
Hyper Rift

Hyper Rift is free to download but contains only one in-app purchase to remove the ads. It features a black and blue color theme which gives a feel of a game based on universal things but basically, Hyper Rift contains some puzzles throughout the gameplay which you’re supposed to solve with logic. The puzzles gets more difficult as you level up.

4. Broken Age

Top 4 Android Games With Best Storylines
Broken Age

Well, Broken Age has got a best storyline as well. Despite the fact that the characters are not rendered properly, I guess that’s because to keep the size low, the overall story is fascinating. It actually features a boy and a girl that are meant to be together. Let’s just not reveal the story, you must reveal it by yourself. Just go and download all these mentioned apps if you really want to feel a better story from Google Play.


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