Top 4 Strategy Android Games Ever Launched

Top 4 Strategy Android Games Ever Launched

No doubt, every one of us love to play with strategy whether it’s pinball or chess. Human being have been playing games that includes strategy. You were supposed to make your own strategy to find the solution. Keeping that same dilemma in mind, application developers have made many outstanding apps that you can literally play using strategy. We are here to let you know about some of the best strategy android games that are available on Google Play. So, let’s get started!

  1. Age of Civilization
Top 4 Strategy Android Games Ever Launched

Age of Civilization contains more than 190 civilizations, interesting mechanics, and two planets. This game actually features strategies that you must apply to obtain the other civilization’s territories. It costs you $2.14 to download it from Google Play but literally, it’s worth it!

2. Card Thief

It’s more like cards but also, it contains some advanced features like stealth points, avoiding guards, and avoid detections. I will not blow the cover of the story of this game because you’ll find it more interesting if you explore it by yourself. It costs you nothing to download it but it you have to pay $1.99 to fully unlock this game.

3.Machines at War 3

Top 4 Strategy Android Games Ever Launched

It’s actually a real-time strategy game. Along with the fact that it requires some serious strategies, it also has a great storyline that comprises on 21 missions. You’re supposed to save some scientists from some bad guys. Machines at Wars 3 costs you $6.99 to download it from Google Play but luckily, there’re no in-app purchases.

4. Plague Inc
Plague Inc is free to download but contains some in-app purchases. Plague Inc is listed in the best strategy games of all times as it’s tough to complete. You must come up with some effectively strategy to do the job. You are supposed to infect the entire world with the 12 disease types that will be given to you. You have to make a perfect mix to infect the world entirely. It’s most addictive game and also, it’s pretty much tough to complete the entire game. So, these were some of the most popular strategic games of all times. There are some free strategic games as well, but you know, playing paid games are much more interesting than free games.

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