Marry Me Or I Die – Lady Faints As She Begs Her Boyfriend On Street To Marry Her

In a video which is trending online now, a lady took to the street to beg her boyfriend to marry her or she would die. The lady who made it a do or die affair fainted repeatedly on the busy road saying “marry me or I die“. So the question still remain is marriage by force. Please state your opinion on the comment below.

This is not the first time we have witness this kind of incident. Two months ago, there was drama as a Nigerian lady proposed to her boyfriend in public in Warri and the guy said capital ‘NO’. The lady rolled on the ground and started begging her boyfriend to have a change of mind.

The man was however persuaded by people around them to at least accept the ring, but he rejected the plea vehemently for reasons best known to him.

The lady must have waited long enough and thought to herself it would be in her interest to make the move since the guy is wasting time. But it was just so unfortunate she was rejected. Chia!! What a pity.


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