Wyldo D’offizi Biography and Net Worth

Onumajuru victor chukwuemeka aka Wyldo d’offizi is a talented afro pop, afro life Singer, songwriter, performer, director and producer who hail from Umuaka in Njaba local government of Imo state. Born and raised in Cameroon to Nigerian parents. Being the second of six children, he identified with his talents at a very tender age. His love for painting made his parents to enlist him into a “fine arts competition” when he was in primary four.

As a token for his parent’s unconditional love and support, he painted for them a portrait of the “Ascension” which is placed at a fine corner in the family living room. Wyldo D’offizi attended St John’s primary school kumba 1989 – 1996, St Joseph’s College Sasse, Buea 1997 – 2005 and proceeded to study political science at the University of Buea 2006.

 As a young and creative painter, he later fell in love with poetry and finally turned a musician, an enjoyable way of expressing himself and his ideas. His dreams nearly came to a halt when he lost his number one fan, mentor, supporter and mum to the cold hands of death in 2002.

D’offizi as he is funly called grew into a fine young man with exceptional qualities and a passion to excel. He was inspired by his dreams to touch peoples’ lives and with a vision to uplift the face of African music and become one of its greatest entertainers. He relocated to Nigeria in 2009, his home land which offered him better opportunities as a result of its booming music industry.

Despite the numerous problems faced by up and coming acts in the now saturated music industry, he was able to drive his vision in the right direction through hard work, perseverance and his ever persisting and enthusiastic character. Though he had his fair share of rejections, his strongest and longest battle was with his dad who later gave him his consent, blessings and the go ahead because he sees his son as a “young man who has discovered himself and his passion” which he said are important ingredients in the making of a great artist.

He made a name for himself by producing and directing a music video “vanity” for an up and coming gospel artist “larry de psalmist” and the controversial “bang” video which didn’t see the light of the day. Just to name a few, Wyldo also worked as a co producer, coach and consultant to many of his fellow up and coming artists.

Wyldo is signed to his record label (MOLAE Entertainment) “Minister Of Life And Enjoyment Entertainment.” Currently he is working on dropping singles for his upcoming EP which will be released much later this year. The single “Replay” was released May 19th 2019. Another follow up single “love me love me” was released December 4th 2019.

Wyldo d’offizi is a pace setter, he relates with his audience through his music and often leaves them yearning for more. No doubt he is adored by his fans, not only for his charming personality but also his vocal playfulness, his down-to-earth personality and how he expresses himself and ideas through his music.

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